Three Kittens and a Dragon

40 pages. Color. 23 x 33
first edition: Zalozba Mladika, Slovenia, 2011, with different illustrations
second edition: Modern Press Co., Beijing, China, 2016
third edition: TimaƟ Çocuk, Istanbul, Turkey, 2016

Everybody in the green field is afraid of the dragon. The animals believe that he is responsible for the sudden disappearance of some animals. The three kittens can’t find their mummy and they decide to see where she is. On their adventurous and dangerous journey they find out that she and all the other missing animals have disappeared in the underground city built by the mole. And the dragon is in fact a lonesome and friendly creature. He helps them to find their mum and the other animals. All the animals are happy, but the mole is still digging tunnels to repair his underground city. And he’s still digging today.

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